There was a wave, and there came graves There were people in pain and old women who couldn’t help but wail There were half stories, there were secrets, and end to tales We would cry, but our tears only watered the seeds, they wouldn’t rid us of the pain and the seeds, these would grow […]


Lean Forward Lean forward and see the mamillations of my hazel brown iris……. Stare in the deep black of my pupil, the home of shadows, and my womb of emotions. Lean, just a little bit more and smell the aura of moisturized skin caked by a charming sun on a withered Sunday, forgive the sin […]

Blind kings and sighted beggars

A time existed when we could look at each other and react to expression. But theses days, we are motionless and stiff. We are as good as blind bats scouring the darkness for hope. “He’s a mean looking man, his jaws thick and wide like the armadillo” “She wears a gorgeous look, I’m faded” We […]


I would touch your skin, feel the wavery tingly luster of lanugo hairs, and remember that I do not belong here. I would smell your skin, inhale the scent of a million pores and secretory eccrine glands, intoxicate myself on the scent that brought me here, but you remind me that here I do not […]

The owner of victory

The brave In the billion people city, when it rains, sometimes the rain drops do not go around, acres remain arid and scores of tongues are left dry. So at the sign of the first sovereign lightning or thunder, souls deprived of water plunge into strife, warring strife for natures transparent liquid gold. Victory they […]

The Retail store by the junction

The Missionaries visited our town about a century ago when our fathers chopped wood with their finger nails and skinned lambs with their canines, they cleansed the inside of their mouth with withered baobao leaves and gargled with stored fermented breast milk of 3 days. The pulp of their thumbs were fat and bulbous, our […]


I was 5. My skin emitted more heat than a freshly burnt iroko tree fire wood. On the 8th day, my skin was parched and I could barely feel my tongue as they were arid like the desert sands. Mother gave me more medicinal leaves to chew than any know herbivore will eat in a […]

Adenovirus Stint(Invasion)

On a cold Sunday morning, tranquil winds caressed my face and roused my senses. I could already smell a good day. In seconds, there were blistering blizzards, the sky was tinted by shadows of hungry clouds, the atmosphere kindled with spectacular light show and loud roars. This is definitely a fight between the big cats. […]

Flying Kites

1. I haven’t seen a kite in a long while. I used to love making these edifice. 2. The thread I took from mums secret tailoring bag, the nylon dad used to bring home bread the night before, different length broom sticks and my canines. 1. I haven’t seen a smile in a long while. […]

Bad story

I dreamt of a story. It was a bad dream, one of those dreams ears aside mine mustn’t hear. I told no one. So no one knows the story, my story. In a world where all that’s been heard must have been said by a speaking few shared by a languid pool of hippie youths. […]