The Kings Irides

These men and women with blue Irides don’t know they are kings and Queens. I saw a guard(A king) earlier today. He had those blue iris that trans-illuminate every full moon. I look into his eyes, then I get carried away, a brief trance. I want to remind him that if it wasn’t for earths […]


I once met a Rabbi. ‘There’s something magical about dragonflies’ he said. By Magic, he warned me not to take my mind to disappearing acts and vanishing card decks.  ‘They come from the depths of Nirvana hence their transparent wings which know no sin’. To reach Nirvana is magic. Do you comprehend? Ostracized, the damsel […]

Document 1

What ever happened to you mister? You abandoned the sensuality in these words for what exactly? What pleasure are the stars and moon and any other planetary body if it can’t be described by you in words so rare and unique….. Well, I love the words and how with them my imagination is bordered by […]


10:30am. My back on the bed, my eye roving behind close lids. For a moment, I hear the sound of what seems to be a fowl chasing another, I take it that the mating sun is out for those creatures, then far away, the tiny subtle echo of a mocking bird, perhaps; I can’t tell […]

The other side

I saw a man sleep under that tree. They said he’d been asleep for days. He isn’t dead, he’s just asleep. Nobody wakes a sleeping man, worse still, a dreaming man. What tree? No one saw this tree grow. Baba Aare is the oldest man in this community and in a hundred decade he swore […]

Ascension – The Interview 7

Father: Do you know who your father’s fathers were? Son: I’ve never heard of our history Pa.   Father: We come from a family of luminaries. My father, father’s father and fore fathers were. We were seen as Falcons because we didn’t stop on earth, we let our dreams take us fast and far beyond […]

Interview 6

Little girl: Grand Pa, when I grow up, do you think I can be like you? Grandpa: (laughs) we are billions on this earth my child, why be like me?   Little girl: because you’re old and ugly and beautiful Pa Grandpa: (laughs) that’s a lot of adjective my child, a lot. Thank you.   […]