Ascension – The Interview 7

Father: Do you know who your father’s fathers were?

Son: I’ve never heard of our history Pa.


Father: We come from a family of luminaries. My father, father’s father and fore fathers were. We were seen as Falcons because we didn’t stop on earth, we let our dreams take us fast and far beyond sight, and we start from the sky in our ascension, soared above the clouds into nothingness.

Son: Have I done any wrong Pa? The sky seems beyond reach Pa. It’s so far, I sometimes cannot see the moon beyond the shadows the cloud cast on my face.


Father: (shows displeasure at his son’s statement) The night you came into this world, I held my tongue because a star fell from the sky. Your mother said you brought the light of a star along with your miracle, but I imagined you couldn’t soar beyond the daughters of the moon that illuminated the sky at night and that’s why you brought one down with you.

Son: I didn’t Pa. I brought a miracle Pa; you know it.


Father: Then why won’t you be? There’s a lot I want you to be in this world, of all, I do not want you to be a rainbow on fire, or a star begging to glow, neither should you aspire to be a delusional moon at the center of 12 suns. You have to soar into the next world. I wish you’ll exceed your father’s achievement. Bring us mirth; bring us the seed in the center of the sun, the seed that feeds the sun its glory. I want more from you son. I don’t want you on this earth like the rest of us. Be a luminary, Soar!

Son: (sad face) I tried once father, then again and again, but my star is too heavy to lift. I’m sorry my miracle won’t lift me beyond your expectations. I’m sorry I can’t fly Pa. I’m sorry.


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