10:30am. My back on the bed, my eye roving behind close lids. For a moment, I hear the sound of what seems to be a fowl chasing another, I take it that the mating sun is out for those creatures, then far away, the tiny subtle echo of a mocking bird, perhaps; I can’t tell which. I turn over to the right, I face the wall, put the pillow over my head to cover my ears and tried to wander off to the land of nod. In my head, I hear two adults laughing, a male and a female, the female giggles; the male makes a high pitched monster laugh.

We live in the hospital. By the west wall is the Doctor’s quarters. Sets of cozy apartment that smells nothing like the hospital wards you’re used to. I’ve never really introduced myself to these other docs, but there is a young doc who goes by Richard, and an older man who goes by Bitrus. We run separate clinics so it’s fair. A couple of mid-day greetings along the hospital corridor is just about it. I hate to sound like an introvert but Richard apparently has this pretty lady who comes over every weekend. You ask me how I know; Well, I tend to look out my window sometimes.

The laugh gets louder, Richard and his pretty Lady. I get up from the bed; I wonder what the entire laugh is about. I’d certainly like to join in the laughter. I pull down my louvers; I see Richard and pretty Lady in a pose by his car, she giggles when the shutter blinks; Richard is holding her by the waist, close, laughing. Nice.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. The atmosphere so serene. I’ll like a cup of tea with bread. I walk to the kitchen; I see a mound of sugar by the kitchen corner reduced by half by frantic cute black ants. Pesky funny creatures. I pick a mug and a tea spoon; I put a mound of sugar in mine, and top the mound by the corner. I could almost hear the ants giggling, laughing, jubilating about the sugar refill, but then on second thought, maybe the laughter is coming from me, maybe the ants aren’t actually laughing,maybe it’s in my head. In any case, I giggle then I laugh out loud all the same.


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