Document 1

What ever happened to you mister? You abandoned the sensuality in these words for what exactly? What pleasure are the stars and moon and any other planetary body if it can’t be described by you in words so rare and unique…..
Well, I love the words and how with them my imagination is bordered by infinite voids that open into nothingness. I like to watch my imagination float in a bubble that soars beyond the cloud into space. You know how the colors roll around the skin of the bubble, I really like that. I imagine resting my back in the bubble while it takes me nowhere in particular.
But I stopped, I got scared. I lost control and I panic every time I find myself in this state. My torso no longer feels like a band of muscle, my head then feels bigger than the sun but not as hot, and my toes appear small (ant size to be precise). I couldn’t help myself. Nothing was real. My imagination took over every reality I could recognize. I’ll give an example. So on a cold harmattan morning, I decided to start off the day by giving my car a cold bath, I’ve abandoned her for a few days now and that I’m not proud of. I felt a bath would revigorate her sparkle. So I started, I loved how she let the water ricochet over my skin so that I fear that I’ll catch a cold for this love between human and a metal box, she glowed after a good wash, and right in the middle of her sun roof was the splendid reflection of a rising sun. In this glory, a dragon fly came. Apparently, it’s an Adam and Eve long myth that dragon flies are kinda attracted to polarized light which really makes no sense to me but when I look deeper, dragon flies love shiny stuff. In a moment I got jealous. These pesky creatures with their million and one eyes are getting mesmerized by my box. Oh no! She’s mine for the loving and mine alone. So I tried to whisk the first dragon away with a wet towel but I missed, I missed at every attempt and not even one dragon fly got a single consolatory hit. I’m not the type to give up but I had to when I found the sky above my head littered with bubbles I created in my attempt to whisk away dragon flies. I fell in love at that moment, busting bubbles, ignoring threats from dragon flies. I let go of reality and caught a cold.
Gosh! It’s happening again.
My head feels so heavy right now! My toes, they look like ants…… goodnight world!


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