The Interview 5

Blind Man: How do you cope? I mean, don’t you have panic attacks? Oculist: I do, very frequent in fact. I get so scared that I shut my eyes forcefully for almost an hour while I try to wipe my mind of the things i’ve seen. Blind Man: What have you seen? Oculist: I’ve seen […]

The Interview 4

Priest: How do you sleep at night? Officer: I don’t. My nights are filled with bad dreams. My nights are like circus shows with faces of people with sour decayed canines biting at my sleeve and collar, children crying and running after me with sharp play objects, fingers point at me from dark crevices, handicaps […]


I’ve been thinking about something to write. I play some old michael jacksons hit, and then I remember once again…… ‘every soul will taste death’ Q3V185 I think of the word ‘taste’…. apparently, to taste is not the prime function of the human tongue. The soul is a taster. I remember those days when I […]


She smells like acid, her morning fragrance biting at every hair on my skin, it feels like I’m locked in a room full of angry sandflies. My eye water like they’ve been soaked in mashed onions. I try not to breathe fast, cos the smell of acid burns the lungs. I hold my breath for […]


They say something about cups and discs and then they say I have one of both. And that with one of these, I should prepare for total darkness, darkness like the infinitesimal space with tiny stars twinkling out of reach. I tell them “I am ready” When I wake up in the morning, giddy most […]

The Interview 3

Interrogator: you killed 2 men, a man and a boy Abdul: yes I did   Interrogator: can you tell us how this happened please Abdul: It was about 9pm, I just left the office. The night was abnormally murky. The harmattan had the trees looking like withered ghost. The Road was unusually empty except for […]


I hate fried fish. I know hate is a strong word so i always make sure to present a frown to show displeasure whenever I’m offered fried fish. I hear it’s delicious and it has this peculiar salty taste that rounds up from a mixture of sodium chloride and fish blood. Disgusting! I remember the […]